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Google Unveils Three New Features to Simplify Travel Planning on 'Search'

Google has recently unveiled three new features on its Search platform to simplify hotel browsing, flight booking and vacation planning for users.

To enhance the hotel browsing experience on mobile, Google has launched a new way for users to explore and discover hotels. After searching for a specific hotel and clicking on "view more," users can now access a new option to explore each property in a swipeable story format. Users can swipe through photos of the hotel to get a better idea of the property, save the hotel, and access more details about the area or view a summary of what people find notable about the property.

Additionally, Google has initiated a pilot program for "price guarantees" in the US, which allows users to save money on their next flight. If users spot a flight with a price guarantee badge on Google, the price they see at that moment will not decrease before takeoff. Google will monitor the price every day until the departure date, and if the price goes down, users will receive the difference via Google Pay. However, price guarantees are currently only available for "Book on Google" itineraries that depart from the US during the pilot program.

Moreover, Google has made it easier to find and book attractions or tour companies on Search or Maps. Users can now find prices directly on their listing and book their ticket via a link. For popular tourist destinations, Google will also offer recommendations for related experiences, such as a city-wide tour that includes multiple stops.

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