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Kovalam - The internationaly renowned beach is a strip of golden land lying side by side with the serene blue waters of Arabian sea and rich greenary of coconut groves. Kovalam consists of three consecutive crescent shaped beaches and most popular among them is the light house beach. Catamaran cruising, sun bath, swimming, herbal body massage, yoga, meditation, cultural programmes..... the list of pleasent experiences in Kovalam is unending. This excellent beach recently became the haunting place of the upmarket travellers across the globe. Today thousands of British and European tourist flow to this destination by chartered flights in search of peace of mind & soul.


Varkala is a fast developing beach destination just 40 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram. It is a beach and spa. High cliffs with rich mineral water springs which rise majestically from the coast line, which are famous for their medicinal properties. Eventhough Varkala has now come into prominence as a beach destination, basically it is a temple town and the Janardhana temple which is belileved to be 2000 years old is the most famous of them. Non Hindus are not permitted inside the temple, but can go around the temple grounds.



This small town of historical importance is hardly 5 km from Kollam. The ruins of the old Portuguese fort and church built in 18th century stand as evidence of their glorious past. The Thangssery light house and beach attract visitors.


This lake around 29 kms from Kollam town is the largest fresh water lake in Kerala. The adjascent Sastha temple after which the town is named is an important pilgrim centre.

Cherai Beach

The beautiful beach is an upcoming tourist attraction in Kochi. Dolphins are occasionaly seen here. The Kerala village atmosphere and coconut groves are added attractions.

Kozhikode Beach

This is a favourate haunting ground of sunset viewers. Due to its proximity to city, it attracts lot of local tourists. Other attractions here are the Lion’s Children’s park and marine water aquarium.

Payyambalam Beach (2km from Kannur)

The well laid garden and the massive landscaped sculpture of Mother and Child together with the flat laterite cliffs which juts into the sea makes this beach truly captivating.

Muzhapilangad Beach ( 15 km from Kannur)

This is the only drive in beach in the state. Black rocks protect the beach from strong currents. The shallow water here makes it a swimmers dream land.

The Bekal Fort

This 300 year old fort is one of the largest and best preserved forts in Kerala. The imposing circular structure of laterite fort rises to a height of 130 ft above sea level and juts into the sea. The Bekal beach nearby provides a spectecular view of the fort and this shallow beach is a perfect spot for relaxation.