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About Kerala

Kerala is multifaceted. The gift of scenic beauty coupled with its society which is rooted in the rich culture and fabulous heritage passed on from generations to generations makes Kerala one amoung the “Must See” destinations of the world . The proud history of Kerala dates back atleast from 4000 C.E., when the “East” meant Malabar or Kerala for the world; when all trade routes converged here. Races came and mixed, nations from the Mediteranian, Red Sea and Europe assembled here and built up a culture. World religions flowed in and formed a confluence. A special society was the result. National Geographic Traveller included Kerala amoung the 50 most saught after destinations of the world. Justifying the inclusion they wrote, “Statistically Kerala stands out as the Mount Everest of social development.” Leaving aside the splendid heritage of Kerala and presenting the physical face alone, however beautiful it is, is like exhibiting the flowers in a flower vase rather than bringing the person to the garden itself. This is a humble attempt to present Kerala with its vitality and liveliness in the brilliance of yesterday. Of course limitations are there and many of them are unavoidable. We submit this modest work before those who want to explore Kerala rather than just see her.

Why Kerala

It is not likely that a person standing on the coast of Malabar.

Location & Physiography

Kerala is a narrow strip of the south western part of Peninsular India.


Kerala has an equable tropical climate. There are 4 seasons.

Kerala Spice Coast

The words of Pliny were bitter when he wrote, “both pepper and ginger grow wild.

People Population

The total area of Kerala is 38,8663 sq. Kilometers and is 1.8% of the area of India.


The astonishing variety of dishes, both vegitarian and non-vegitarian.

Festival fairs

In Kerala life is a celebration. Here festivals are cultural events that bring people.

Arts & Crafts

From the time of human settlement onwards the arts and culture of Kerala.


Ayurveda in Sankrit means “Veda of Ayus” or knowledge of life.